NEURON Programming Tutorial

Tutorial #1: This tutorial describes how to run the simulator and takes you through creation of a simple single compartment cell. It introduces the different notation for accessing cable section properties, and inserting channels and point processes. It also introduces some of the NEURON language programming constructs including procedures.

Tutorial #2: This tutorial describes the graphical user interface including how to start and stop a simulation, how to create time plot graphs, how to save/retrieve the panels and graphs you create to/from a session file.

Tutorial #3: This tutorial shows you how to create more complex morphologies through creating multiple cable sections and connecting them to form a simple cell. It also introduces a dynamic graph--the space plot--in which you can display a variable vs. space vs. time.

Tutorial #4: This tutorial introduces the concepts necessary to create multiple cell simulations. From a template cell, multiple cells are created and connected together via a simple synpase. It also describes the building blocks for creating additional membrane mechanisms through the simple example synapse.

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